Which Aimpoint Product is Right for Your Gun?

Did you know that the first red dot Aimpoint sight appeared on the market in 1975?

Red dot sights made their debut on large guns as far back as World War Two. But thanks to improving technology, we get ever better variants such as the Aimpoint reflex that fit on a small handgun. While you might be sold on the technology, you can’t just purchase Aimpoint sights and slap them onto your gun.

Aimpoint sights are very versatile, but it does pay to know which ones go with which weapon. This will improve your accuracy and the weapon’s usability.

Keep reading as we discuss which Aimpoint product is right for your gun.

The Micro T-2: A Compact, CQB Aimpoint Variant

Self-defense is likely your primary purpose for using a firearm. If an intruder enters your home, you may be forced to engage in CQB (close-quarters battle or close-quarters combat). This is when a fight occurs within a tight space, such as narrow hallways, sharp corners, and small rooms.

One of the best things for CQB is a pistol or short-barrel rifle/shotgun. In addition to that, you’d want a small scope for rapid target acquisition. This should be a scope with no magnification and a simple Aimpoint reflex.

The Micro T-2 is, in a word, compact. It’s meant for rapid mounting and is lightweight and rugged. It excels in the close to mid-range.

Like most Aimpoint optics, the battery allows the device to last for years. It features non-glare glass and is waterproof up to 82 feet. In addition, it includes multiple brightness settings to adjust for any lighting conditions.

Versatility is one of the T-2’s core features. You can mount this optic on an offset rail, giving you two optics on the same rifle. Highly-trained military officers often use offset rails to change the range at the drop of a hat.

Purchasing a Used Aimpoint Optic

Aimpoint optics are excellent, but let’s be clear: you get what you pay for. A brand-new Aimpoint optic will cost you a hefty sum of cash.

This will be a new optic that will last for years–warranty included. But in this economy, you might not have the cash.

Purchasing a used Micro T-2 might be in your best interest. Used optics allow you to get high-quality optics for a fraction of the price. Remember, this is a world-class brand, and a used version will last you for years to come.

Compact M4: Best Option for an Aimpoint Rifle Optic Like the AR-15

Where the Micro T-2 excels in CQB, the M4 is the best all-rounder. It’s got the durability you need, a crucial aspect for law enforcement officers. But even if you want a reliable optic, this is the one for you.

Absolute and 1/3 Co-Witness

An issue with many red dot sights is their ability to co-witness. Put simply, co-witnessing is when your optic aligns–or doesn’t–with the built-in iron sights. After zeroing your Aimpoint sights, you may come to find that it bypasses the iron sights altogether.

This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. A 1/3 co-witness (when the iron sight is below the optic) gives you a decluttered view and reduces neck strain. However, since targeting is off-center and not directly down the bore, accuracy suffers somewhat.

Many go with the 1/3 co-witness, but the M4 can do double duty. Thanks to spacers and its built-in adjusters, the M4 can co-witness with ease. This means you get the best accuracy, target acquisition, and easier adjustments to the magnification power.

The M4 offers a greater range than the T-2, making it an excellent mid-ranger for most applications.

Built to Last

The Comp M4 is no slouch when it comes to performance. This optic should give you up to 8 years of continuous use. You likely won’t change the battery for a long time to come, even at high brightness settings.

This Aimpoint optic also works well with night vision devices. Purchase it used if you want to get this excellent Aimpoint reflex optic for a better price.

Hunter H34L: An Aimpoint for the Hunters Among You

Hunters may wish to have the accuracy and reduced eye strain of an Aimpoint optic, too. Traditional crosshairs will serve well, but a red dot sight works in all conditions–especially at night. But as you may have noticed, most Aimpoint reflex sights focus on close-quarters to mid-range.

The Hunter H34L scratches that itch for those who need long-range optic options. It has all the above features: rugged, long-lasting battery life, and reduction in eye strain. Like its alternatives, it has an impressively long battery life and is weatherproof.

The H34L looks very much like your standard scope. Many might mistake it for being a non-powered optic. However, this optic carries its own weight and will deliver when you need it to.

You want the best quality possible when you purchase a used optic. That’s why you should ensure that your seller cleans the scope if it’s fogged or scratched before selling it to you. Make sure to purchase an optic with good pictures to know exactly what you’re getting.

Find a Used Aimpoint Optic

Aimpoint is the leader in red dot sights for anywhere from close-quarters to long-range combat. These sights can withstand any conditions and run for years without turning them off. When you purchase used Aimpoint sights, peruse the above information before coughing up such a large sum.

Maybe you’ve enjoyed an Aimpoint optic for years, but you’re looking to move on. Selling an optic is easier said than done, especially when so many are on the market. Get in touch with RKB Armory if you need help selling your optic.

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